Adams County Ohio Valley School District Profile Page

The School Report Card will be released on September 14, 2017. Follow this link to learn more about the components on the School Report Card.

Adams County Ohio Valley Schools consists of seven (7) school buildings, three (3) elementary schools, three (3 )high schools and one (1) career tech center. We have an enrollment of approximately 3922 students. We rank 96th out of 610 school districts in size in the state of Ohio. Approximately 17% of our students are identified as having a disability and nearly 61% of our students are identified as economically disadvantaged.

The district includes northern Adams County, Ohio as well as a southern corner of Highland County, Ohio. The schools are located in the villages of Peebles, Seaman and West Union, Ohio.

North Adams Elementary School 725
North Adams High School 519
Ohio Valley Career & Technical Center 265
Peebles Elementary School 632
Peebles High School 414
West Union Elementary School 796
West Union High School 571