We would like to congratulate our fall athletes for a tremendous fall season! A special shout out to the seniors of 2021!

  • Girls Soccer: Karissa Buttelwerth, Maleia Eldridge, Braylie Jones, Alyssa Mays, Brianna Robinson
  • Boys Soccer: Andrew Brand, Carter Crawford, Jentry Crawford, Colton Hesler, Jayden Hesler, Hunter Hoop, Seth Vogel
  • Volleyball: Marah Call, DeLaney Harper, Wylie Shipley
  • Girls Cross Country: Alyssa Mays
  • Boys Cross Country: Trenton McCann, Gavin Whitman
  • Girls Golf: Rachel Bolen, Jessie Crawford, Brooklyn Tolle
  • Boys Golf: Wyatt Roades

Below are the season's accolades for each team:

Girls Golf

  • SHAC Champions 
  • County Champions
  • Individual Awards
    • All-League - Brooklyn Tolle, Jessie Crawford, Rachel Bolen
    • All-County - Brooklyn Tolle, Jessie Crawford
    • SHAC Coach of the Year - Matt Williams

Left to right: Hailey Brannock, Brooklyn Tolle,  Jessie Crawford, Teagan Lloyd, Rachel Bolen, Dakotah Davis, Coach Matt Williams

Boys Golf

  • Individual Awards
    • All-League - T.J. Holt, Brady Lung, Carson Chaney, Ethan Taylor
    • All-District - T.J. Holt - 1st team; Carson Chaney - 2nd team; Jacob Campbell - Honorable Mention

Left to right (front row): Ethan Taylor, Kelby Moore, Brady Lung, Landon Swayne, Dillon Ragan, Asher Young (middle row) Carson Chaney, Wyatt Applegate, Ryan Shelton, Jacob Campbell, TJ Holt (back row) Coach Ammon Mitchell, Wyatt Roades, Mitchell Ohnewehr, Levi Jones, Coach Jamie Hall

Girls Cross Country

  • County Champions
  • Individual Awards
    • All-League - Myla Toole (medalist), Hunter Grooms
    • All-State - Myla Toole - placed 35th in State Division III Girls Cross Country Meet

Boys Cross Country

  • Individual Awards
    • All-League - Cody Hesler

Left to right (front row): Marcy Shupert, Shaye Goon, Ainsley Grooms, Areena Goon, Myla Toole, Alyssa Mays, Taylor Shelton, Hunter Grooms (back row) Coach Kelly Boerger, Garrett Emerson, Trenton McCann, Cody Hesler, Skylar Stapleton, Gavin Whitman

Girls Soccer

  • Sectional Champions 
  • District Runner Up
  • Individual Awards
    • All-League - Ainsley Grooms, Braylie Jones, Laney Ruckel
    • All-District - Karissa Buttelwerth - 1st team; Braylie Jones - 1st team; Ainsley Grooms - 2nd team; Laney Ruckle - 2nd team; Morgan Shupert - Honorable Mention; Hunter Grooms - Honorable Mention
    • All-State - Karissa Buttlewerth

Left to right (front row): Hunter Grooms, Luvi Roades, Sydney Figgins, Harley Brand, Tori Staggs, Alana White, Ainsley Grooms, Kenlie Jones (middle row) Taylor Staggs, Emma Baughey, Kaylee Tumbleson, Laura Hesler, Jaida Mason, Olivia Wright, Morgan Shupert (back row) Karissa Buttelwerth, Braylie Jones, Brianna Robinson, Maleia Eldridge, Alyssa Mays, Laney Ruckel

Boys Soccer

  • Sectional Champions 
  • District Runner Up
  • Individual Awards
    • All-League - Jayden Hesler, Andrew Brand, Hunter Hoop, Seth Vogel, Carter Crawford
    • All-District - Jayden Hesler - 1st team; Andrew Brand - 1st team; Seth Vogel - 1st team; Hunter Hoop - 2nd team; Lane Wagner - 2nd team; Carter Crawford - Honorable Mention; Garrett Bunn - Honorable Mention
    • All-State - Jayden Hesler

Left to right (front row): Seth Vogel, Hunter Hoop, Jayden Hesler, Carter Crawford, Colton Hesler, Jentry Crawford, Andrew Brand (middle row) Lane Wagner, Cody Hesler, Gage White, Reece Shelton, Lukas Roush, Trey Hoop (back row) Garrett Bunn, Pierce Brown, Landon Anderson, Cayden Hesler, Coach Isaac Wooten 

Varsity Volleyball

  • SHAC Champions 
  • Sectional Champions
  • Individual Awards
    • All-League - DeLaney Harper (Player of the Year), Wylie Shipley, Sierra Kendall
    • All-District - DeLaney Harper - 2nd team; Sierra Kendall - 3rd team; Wylie Shipley - Honorable Mention
    • SHAC Coach of the Year - Katie Ragan

Left to right (front row): Wylie Shipley, Brea Stout, Daisy Holt, Jadyn Wright, Riley Richey, Kirsten Campbell, Lizzie Gill (back row) DeLaney Harper, Keetyn Hupp, Sierra Kendall, Marah Call, Coach Katie Ragan

JV Volleyball

Left to right (front row): Riley Richey, Daisy Holt, Jaylynn Collett, Addison Fist, Kirsten Campbell (back row) Brea Stout, Libby Meyer, Chloe Compton, Kendal Sullivan

Grade 8 Volleyball

Left to right: Ryleigh Collett, Katelynn Boerger, Danielle Holcomb, Ava Kingsley, Aulbrea Meade, Karlie Kennedy, Elaina Wallace

Grade 7 Volleyball

Left to right (front row): Addison Shupert, Carlee Taylor, Eden Bosko, Natalie Ragan, Paige Evans (back row) Coach Brittany Stout, Brooklyn Garrison, Sydney Davis, Aubrey Miller

JH Cross Country

Left to right (front row): Beau Hesler, Jimmy Hickey, Christopher Hall, Bentley Schweickart, Breestin Schweickart, Connor Young (middle row) Cameron McCann, Ryleigh Collett, Caleb DeAtley, Kyzer Fannin, Alanna Mays (back row) Coach Kelly Boerger, Anna Armstrong, Tatum Grooms, Katelynn Boerger, McKenna Shelton, Jayce Rothwell