2020 North Adams Spring Sports


The 2020 Spring Sports season was canceled across Ohio due to COVID-19. There was great anticipation for really great seasons with the softball, baseball, and track teams, but unfortunately those seasons were not realized.

 A special shout out to the seniors of 2020:

  • Baseball - Colby Bunn, Ethan Thompson,  Dalton Gardner, Cameron Young , Kane Eldridge,  Zach Osborne,  Anthony Wylie,  Evan Whalen,  Hunter Rapp (not pictured)

  • Softball - Macey Jarvis, Whitney Hill,  Alaina Eiterman, Makayla Conway 

  • High School Track - Mary Sonner, Brandon Figgins


These students were recognized for Academic  All Southeast District in baseball: Colby Bunn, Cade Meade, Seth Meade, RJ Taylor, Ethan Thompson, Evan Whalen, Anthony Wylie, Cameron Young 

These students were recognized for Academic All-Ohio in baseball: Ethan Thompson, Evan Whalen

Left to right: (front row) Kelby Moore, Nathan Parks, Brady Lung, Landon Swayne Lukas Roush (middle row) Seth Meade, Anthony Wylie, Kane Eldridge, Cameron Young, Zach Osborne, Cade Meade (back row) RJ Taylor, Ethan Thompson, Head Coach - Rob Meade, Evan Whalen, Wyatt Roades, Dalton Gardner, Colby Bunn, Dakota Thatcher


The following students were recognized for the coaches' district Softball Scholar Athlete Award: Alaina Eiterman, Makayla Conway, Madison Richey, Whitney Hill

Left to right:(front row) Sophie Mendivil, Madalynn Tumbleson, Kaylee Tumbleson, Ramona Edwards, Kylie Purdin, Madison Richey, Sydney Collett  (middle row) Macey Jarvis, Alaina Eiterman, Whitney Hill, Makayla Conway (back row) Coach - Tom Eiterman, Abbey Jarvis, Leslie Phillips, Maleia Eldridge, Jaylynn Collett, Liberty Meyer, Tori Staggs, Head Coach - Kelly Boerger

Girls' Track

Left to right:(front row) Liberty Meyer, Josie Taylor, Kelsey Cornette, Tori Staggs, Olivia Wright, Jaylynn Collett (middle row) Sierra Kendall, Elizabeth Gill, Mary Sonner, Karissa Buttelwerth, Brea Stout  (back row) Sydney Figgins, Emma Abney, Kendal Sullivan, Delaney Ruckel, Ainsley Grooms, Myla Toole, Abigail Gast

Boys' Track

Left to right:(front row)  Carson Britt, Andrew Reid, Brandon Figgins, Trenton McCann, Connor Rhoden (back row) Head Coach - Isaac Wooten, Carter Crawford, Lane Martin, Zaine Hattan, Ian Young, Caydon Hesler, Jacob Campbell, Dexter Beam