ACOVSD Board Policy states upon enrollment of a child, the parent/guardian must provide for viewing by the Registrar the following documents:


2.Immunization Record(s)

3.Photo ID of Parent/Guardian who is authorized to enroll the child

4.Proof-of Residency of Parent/Guardian who is authorized to enroll the child. ONLY 1 of the following documents is required to be presented to the Registrar

  • Utility Bill - Gas, Electric, Water or Sewer, Cable/Internet (Dated within last 60 days)
  • Monthly mortgage statement(Dated within last 60 days)
  • Lease/rental agreement (the entire document including the signatures of both parties)
  • Residency Affidavit* - completed [form available through the Gateway]

5. IF APPLICABLE: Court Document issued on behalf of the Student 

Please note that registration/enrollment cannot be completed without Documents 1-4 being presented to registrar.

To start the enrollment process please use the link below to access our online registration gateway. Using this online portal will speed up the registration process and help eliminate errors.

ACOVSD Registration Gateway

Intra/Inter District Enrollment

For students living within the Adams County Ohio Valley School district boundaries, but who wish to attend a different district school, please print and fill out the following packet  

Intra-District Enrollment

For students living outside the Adams County Ohio Valley School district, but who wish to attend a district school, please print and fill out the following packet 

Inter-District Enrollment