ACOVSD School Board Recognizes WUHS Boys and Girls Wresting Teams

The ACOVSD School Board recognized the WUHS Boys and Girls Wresting Teams at this month's board meeting.


WUHS Boys and Girls Wrestling Teams- and Coaches  Michael Felts and Eric Sheldon
Boy State Qualifier, So. Ethan Cantrell (2022 State Alt. / 2023 first sectional champ in school history first boy state qualifier in school history)
Girl State Qualifier, So. Alexis Cowan (2022 OHSWCA State Alt., 2023 OHSAA State Qualifier)
Girl State Placer 6th, Jr. Leena Blanton (2021 OHSWCA State Alt, 2022 OHSWCA State Qualifier, 2023 OHSAA State Placer 6th)
Girl State Placer 3rd, Jr. Scotlyn Adams (2021 OHSWCA first regional champ in school history / first girl in school history, 2022 OHSWCA State Placer 5th, 2023 OHSAA State Placer 3rd)

Also pictured - ACOVSD Board Members:  Robin Lucas, David Riley, Dr. Gay Lynn Shipley, and Tiffany DeMint and Superintendent, Mr. Richard Seas