Madison Taylor

An Exceptional Achievement Award recipient is recognized for services he/she has provided during the 2019/2020 school year to ensure students with disabilities achieve personal, social, or academic goals of the highest standards. Only a limited number of individuals or groups from throughout the five-counties served by Region 14 are recognized with this accolade. Madison ‘Madi’ Taylor, 6th grade student at West Union Elementary, has been selected with a 2020 Exceptional Achievement Award. 

As described by the nominator, Mrs. Edmisten, “Madi is always serving others in some way. In my class, she is always the first to help a fellow classmate, whether they are upset or just struggling with a concept learned in class. When out of my classroom, she helps a fellow student with all assignments in science and social studies. She is very patient with him and she helps him in any way that she can. She always makes sure he is taken care of and is always concerned about his happiness and well-being. She has also stood up for him when others have bullied or made fun of him. I often describe her actions as motherly because she makes sure everyone is cared for.”

Madi plays basketball for West Union’s Pee-Wee league. She cheers on teammates and always wants them to be happy and do well. She understands what teamwork is and pushes herself to be better for the team. Mrs. Edmisten stated, “Madi is exceptional; exceptional at giving a loving, warm environment to her classmates and helping them achieve their goals and dreams”.

Congratulations Madi on your Exceptional Achievement Award!  Thank you for your service to your fellow students and teammates.