PBIS Gold Schools Announced

ACOVSD has two elementary schools that earned the GOLD rating for their PBIS programs!

Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is an approach schools use to promote school safety and good behavior.

The implementation of PBIS involves a long-term commitment to a process of evaluation, planning, development and renewal. Typically, schools need to anticipate a 3 to 8 year commitment in order to develop the highest quality program implemented with fidelity.

A PBIS school has a broad based consensus among its staff as to the value of the framework and a commitment to sustain the framework over time. A cornerstone of PBIS schools is their consistency in maintaining and supporting behavioral expectations for students throughout the school environment. This requires a consistency in adult behaviors and values. Administrative consistency and leadership is fundamental to PBIS implementation for students, parents and staff.

In 2021 only 34 schools in the entire state of Ohio earned a gold rating. This year we have two buildings that are joining their ranks. 

Congratulations to the North Adams and Peebles Elementary staff for their dedication to the PBIS process and their commitment to providing a respectful, responsible and safe learning environment for the children of our community!