Continuity of Services Plan


Dear Adams County Ohio Valley School/Community:

I want to begin by thanking the staff of the Adams County Ohio Valley School District, Adams County Health Department, students, parents, and community for working with us and allowing for 5 days of in-person education at ACOVSD for the 2020-2021 school year. As we look forward to the 2021-2022 school year and the return to “normalcy”, we need to be mindful that COVID-19 is still a concern in our community, state, and country.  As of now, school is scheduled to begin on August 18th and we are excited to welcome our students back to school. 

Please note that last school year the district adopted many practices designed to address the COVID issue for the purpose of keeping students and staff safe. For the 2021-2022 school year such practices as cleaning and sanitizing our buildings with part-time cleaners, handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, etc. will remain in place. Parents, as well as school staff, will be asked to monitor student health (our schools employ nurses from the Adams County Health Department) as it relates to the symptoms associated with COVID.

Questions being asked:

  1. Are students, staff, and visitors required to wear masks in the school building? CDC recommends that students, staff, and visitors that are not fully vaccinated wear a mask in our buildings. As of now, masks are not required in our school buildings.

  2. Are students required to wear masks on buses? Under current federal orders and guidance, students and staff are required to wear masks on school buses, vaccinated or not vaccinated, until September 13, 2021, at which time the order may end or be extended.

  3. Will students in grades K-6 have the option to enroll in the Adams County Virtual School? No. The CDC recommends that every child should attend school for in-person learning.

If any mandates and/or further guidance is provided by the CDC, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Adams County Health Department, more information will be provided.

Please note the Continuity of Services Plan for ACOVSD:


Rich Seas

ACOVSD Superintendent