Life Saving Award

On the Morning of November 30th 2021 at Peebles Elementary School Resource Officer Mark Brewer was helping 2 children out of their vehicle. The first small child exited the vehicle and was followed closely by a second small child. 

In a split second the First child darted under his parents' vehicle. The child was trying to retrieve an item that had fallen out of the vehicle when the door was open for them to exit. 

SRO Brewer closed the door to the vehicle and he saw the child halfway under the vehicle. The parent, not knowing that their child was under the vehicle, started to drive away. 

Without hesitation or regard for his own personal safety SRO Brewer lunged and grabbed the 

child and drug him out from under the vehicle to safety.

Because of his quick thinking and quick reaction he was able to save this child from being 

ran over by the back tire of his parents vehicle.  The student received no injuries. 

On behalf of the Ohio Valley Local School District, and from all of the School Resource Officers thank you Mark Brewer.