Middle School Science Teacher of the Year, - Mr. Matt Young

Matt Young Middle School Science Teacher of the Year 2021

North Adams High School

Each year the Cincinnati section of the American Chemical Society recognizes outstanding local teachers with Excellence in Teaching Awards. Teachers who are chosen make a difference in students’ lives through excellent, innovative teaching methods, who encourage students to pursue science, and who have shown a dedication to their profession. This year, Matt Young, eighth-grade science teacher at North Adams High School, was chosen as the Middle School Science Teacher of the Year.

Matt Young is an experienced teacher who is not only committed to the best education for his eighth-grade science students, but also to the students themselves. Hands-on experiments, new technology and apps are some of the varied strategies Matt uses to help his students understand science concepts and how to apply them to real life. To help all science students at North Adams High School, Matt was instrumental in bringing two apps to the science department.  One app creates simulations of scenarios that are difficult to create in a classroom and allows students to manipulate the data, analyze it, and draw conclusions.  The other app allows Matt to monitor his students grasp of a concept and adjust his teaching methods according to the data.

Matt feels that the key to success in the classroom is subject knowledge, preparation, and a good relationship with your students. Matt’s principal, Dr. Linda Naylor, states, “Matt is also great at building relationships with students. Students feel comfortable in his class and work hard for him. When electives were added to the junior high curriculum, Matt had the most requests.”

Matt took a break from the classroom and became a principal for four years.  He missed the classroom and students and returned to the classroom as an eighth-grade science teacher. Eighth-grade students are required to take a state proficiency test in science that are report on the district report card.  Before taking over as a science teacher, state test scores showed only 50% of students were proficient in science.  After completing a year as a science teacher, and putting his tenet of knowledge, preparation, and relationships into practice, the state score was raised to 81%.

*The American Chemical Society is the largest professional society in the world with over 150K members worldwide.

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