Winter Sports ticket ordering information

Ticket Information for Parents

  • All tickets for all SHAC and home basketball games will be sold online through hometown ticketing.  There is a link on the WUHS website.  Go to the athletic tab on the website.  There will be a link to purchase home tickets.   Here is the link to WUHS tickets
  • To purchase tickets for away SHAC games you must go to their school’s site and find their link   A pdf with links to all SHAC box offices is listed below.
  • All high school tickets will be $6 and Junior High tickets will be $5.  Each athlete will be given a limited number of tickets per game and will according to the capacity of the gym.  The minimum of tickets for a boy’s game will be two and the minimum for a girl’s game will be four. 
  • Some schools in the SHAC will be clearing the gym after each game so your ticket may only be good for one game.  For example, a 7th grade parent may only get to watch the 7th grade game.  Coaches will inform you when this is the case.   
  • To purchase tickets each athlete will be issued a code that will be entered when you purchase your ticket.  This code will be the same code for the entire season and will be the last four digits of an athlete’s student ID number.   See information below about codes. 
  • Tickets will not be on sale until two days before the game and no refunds will be given for cancelled games.  If a game is rescheduled, any ticket purchased will be valid for the new date. 
  • Parents should have a digital or paper copy of their ticket ready to be scanned at the gate.  Each ticket can only be scanned once. 
  • Parents should plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the game.  Once the game is over please, leave the facility and do not gather in groups.  
  • All spectators MUST wear a mask and practice social distancing.   Members of the same household may sit together. There will be sections designated for players, cheerleaders, home and visiting fans. 

Tickets for Non-SHAC road games will be determined by the host school.   Coaches will let parents know that information as the game approaches. 

Ticket information for parents

Links to SHAC ticket sales